‘The producer is the rock upon which any programme is supported or flounders. Kerry Richardson was fantastic - mothering, guiding, negotiating, making us laugh and popping up all over the world ready for a night out - and any success of the series is mostly down to her work. A true star’.

From Monty Don’s book of the BBC series ‘Around the World in 80 Gardens’ 2007.

Kerry Richardson is a professionally trained freelance television series producer, working mainly in factual, documentary and entertainment television. Credits include output for all the major UK terrestrial channels. Her most recent series is National Geographic’s Beyond Magic with DMC,which transmitted during autumn 2014.

Other recent series include Channel 5‘s Garden ER, Channel 4’s My Dream Farm, and the BBC’s Around the World in 80 Gardens , Bargain Hunt and MAGIC, amongst others. Her career spans more than 20 years and she continues to work as both a series producer and an edit producer and has shot in 30 countries on 5 continents. She aims to continue series producing top quality projects, with an emphasis on new series, but also hopes to find an opportunity to executive produce in the near future.

Filming in Beijing for Around the World in 80 Gardens.

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